"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengtheneth Me".  - Philippians 4:13
Our Pastor is a family man who receives a great deal of joy from his lovely wife Minister Earnestine Holston, their children, grandchildren and great grandchild.
Our gracious Pastor has served Oak Grove Baptist Church Ministries, Inc. for four years and has been in ministry for over 30 years. He is a tremendous Blessing to our Congregation, the Community, and the Body of Christ not only in Senoia, but in Junction City, Covington, Eatonton, Atlanta and many other places he has traveled.
Bishop Holston possess and exerts admirable Godly characteristics such as integrity, value, virtue, and valor in every area of his life, for him it's a way of living. He has not wavered in representing Jesus Christ to the world. God has been using him to proclaim the message of love, hope, mercy, and grace for which he has been indelible faithful in doing; his amazing strength that comes from his Savior fortifies him to "take a licking & keep on ticking."  Psalm 23 best describes our Shepherd. "He maketh me to lie down" Our pastor guides God's people to "lie down" in order that they may have peace and rest in the Lord. "He leadeth" Our pastor lovingly guides his people. "He restoreth" Our pastor helps his people to restore the joy of salvation. "He walks" Our pastor goes before his people, thoughtfully and prayerfully leading them in worship and service. "He comforts" Our pastor is called to tend the sheep out of a heart of compassion that they might be comforted. "He preparest" Our pastor does not rush, nothing is hurried, there is no disturbance. "He anointest" Our pastor faithfully preaches the Word of God and Shepherds his people with the wisdom of God.
Bishop Holston's many dreams and aspirations have allowed him to empower those who are in need, touch the lives of those who are broken and tear down the walls which divide. The greatest gift Bishop Holston has given those who come into his presence is the ability to know God in a mighty way.